Rate Scehdule

Frederick Fisher, J.D.
As of June 1, 2022 for cases retained thereafter

$560 per Hour in 1/10 hour Increments for all Services including File Review and Testimony

Travel time billed at 50% if local with driving. Travel by plane: Expenses paid in advance, inclusive of Hotel Charge, travel time as agreed (obviously, I won’t charge 5 hours to sit on a plane! A fair Flat Rate will be negotiated)

Mileage at the current IRS approved rates

Any out of pocket expenses at cost with itemized receipts. Overnight travel is subject to maximum of $127.00 per diem for Food.

If this is a Plaintiff ‘s , or if there is no insurer authorizing my retention, a minimum balance of $3500 to $5,000, as agreed per Executed Retainer Agreement will be held in my Fiduciary account at all times. That will be increased to $7500 or as agreed per Executed Retainer Agreement prior to trial. A final accounting will be provided and any credit will be promptly refunded. Said retainer will be maintained in my Fiduciary Account at all times.

Interim billings for services performed or expenses incurred shall be paid by the Client so as to maintain the balance until such time as when my services have concluded and are no longer necessary.

Failure to pay invoices in a timely manner and as per the Retainer Agreement may result in my withdrawal with the consequences thereof solely the responsibility of the Client.